Just not the same

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I know this is a can of worms. My intention isn’t to delve into all aspects of this topic…but just to point out an observation.

It’s funny how we put so much value into what men do….and totally ignore the incredible value of what women do well. In the Western World we’ve established that women ARE of equal worth to men as humans, that women are not chattel, that women can make great contributions to society, that women can do what used to be reserved for men and do it well….it’s fantastic and I am blessed to be born into a country with this kind of equality. True there are still some prevailing negative attitudes out there toward women, and certainly those need addressing…usually more by parents while a child grows up as opposed to by law makers. But on the whole, there IS equality and respect for women. Just contrast against the tragedies in India for a moment.

However, and this is my observation, some feminists now don’t just want equality, they want to be like men. “As a woman, I’m going to be a better man.” That just tells me they don’t value their own strengths unique to them as women. Shouldn’t the focus be to contrast and emphasize the value of what women bring to the table instead of vying after what the men bring? You undermine your own worth as a woman by placing all the worth on what men do. So what if he got to be CEO? So what if he’s the main breadwinner? Do I have to attain those titles and statuses in order to show my worth? I understand it’s hard to see “worth” without seeing dollar signs, an unfortunate result of our consumeristic culture, but some things truly are priceless. To give it a dollar amount almost cheapens it.

My thought is just this…that men and women are of equal value and worth. Equally valuable, equally capable of doing great things AND equally flawed….but we are still DIFFERENT. Physiologically and emotionally…these differences make us much better in certain roles than others and these roles are equally valueable to society. In fact, to ignore or devalue the roles we’re meant to have creates societal imbalances…at great cost. At the end of the day, though we’re of equal worth as humans, men and women are just not the same. We’re not meant to be.

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