(Image not mine)I am very very very sad to share that the Chinese doctor I’m seeing for my thyroid condition has advised I cannot eat seafood for ONE YEAR.

One year!!!

That’s no sushi. No sashimi. No seaweed. No crab or lobster or shrimp. No KING crab. No mussles or oysters or clams or scallops. No abalone. No squid or octopus or jelly fish. No sea bass or ling cod or salmon or tuna. NO. SEA. FOOD.


It’s a total first world problem…but hey, if I lived by the sea and seafood was the predominate food source this could be a real problem. Wait…I DO live by the sea! Bwwwaaaaaa!!!

Pulled-together rationale: Seafood contains iodine. It is especially high in seaweed. Iodine is essential to the thyroid for making thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism amongst a whole host of other processes in our bodies. Most North Americans have the problem of an underactive thyroid hence our table salt is iodized to reduce hypothyroidism in the population. Having Graves Disease means my thyroid is already on the hyperactive side so I need to greatly reduce iodine intake to reduce thyroid hormone production. Yes that  means I don’t use regular table salt and I try to make most sauces and dressings from scratch so I can monitor its salt content. I can’t escape eating iodine, but by cutting seafood out, I greatly reduce the intake.

On a more positive note…at least this restriction isn’t forever. And if it can help me go into remission…I’m going to do it.

It still sucks a$$ not being able to eat seafood though.


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  1. Oh, gosh that sucks big time!!! It may be a first world problem but it’s still your problem– you’re the one who has to live and deal with it. At least when the time comes, pregnancy food restrictions will be a piece of cake for you… I know, not much of a consolation at all =(

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