As much as a dog?

(Image not mine)

A striking illustration was made at BSF this week as we continued on the study of Genesis. We’re currently looking at the life of Abraham, the father of Jews and Arabs and the spiritual father of all believers in Christ. Abraham’s faith is incredible. From how he was obedient without question when God told him to “Go to the land I will show you” and even when God tested him by asking for Isaac, the miracle son he waited 25 years for, as a sacrifice. Abraham’s obedience was immediate. His obedience was possible because of the joy of having a close relationship with God…no matter the circumstance. His joy was in having God’s approval and no one else’s.

So we were challenged to consider this illustration:

The teaching leader has a very spirited dog. By that she meant this dog could make her very angry sometimes. And when the dog knew she had lost her master’s favor, she was beside herself trying to win her master’s favor back. There would be whining, snuggling attempts, trying to push her nose under her master’s hand and just about anything to receive a word of praise or a gentle pat to the head again.

While the teaching leader doesn’t like to compare humans to dogs, she did so anyways and asked, “Does your disobedience to God bother you as much as a dog’s disobedience bothers it until relationship restored with its master?” We’re not God’s pet, we’re His children, and while we say we love God with our mouths, we can easily see how a dog demonstrates its love for its owner more than we demonstrate our love for our Father. Challenging.

Where is there disobedience in your life? Have you admitted it yet?
How is your relationship with God?
What are the areas that you need to bring back into line with God?
Does God’s approval bring you joy?
What do you seek more than God’s approval?

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