Lent Update

(Image not mine)(Image Not Mine)

It’s been a week since Ash Wednesday and since starting my fast from Facebook and Twitter for Lent. I’m definitely still feeling the pull of wanting to check my wall and scroll through my feeds. Three days in I remembered I could log out of the FB app on my phone so I wouldn’t see the notifications. And amazingly, my battery life has nearly doubled. It’s doing a lot of background things in there!!

While I’m conscious of the goal to fill my life with more purposeful activities to occupy the space created from fasting, I feel I still haven’t trained my head to think of what those purposeful activities could be. A disciplined and diligent life is hard…but I can see how I might be a lot more productive as a result. That’s something I want to be.

I’m also seeing just how much FB and Twitter has invaded life and that makes me more determined to NOT give it any more power (or information) than it already has on me. Grr!

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