Just a Thread

The older we get in the Lord, the simpler life becomes as we realize it’s all about Jesus.

~ Jon Courson

This is so so SO true.

I remember at the end of Grade 12….I thought I knew everything. I could do integrals, molecular nomenclature, draw the Krebs cycle and get A’s in English. I graduated with first class honors in the IB program and had a scholarship at UBC. I was so smrt. And on top of that, everything, like, everything was about me. Oh the drama! of things not going my way. If it wasn’t about me, then I didn’t care to know about it. And God? Yes I know Him…I learned in all the years of Sunday School that He loves me and saved me and blesses me with good things.

My saving grace was that God wasn’t going to leave me in my own little bubble of self-absorption. He had to break the illusions I had about myself and life and Himself….which hurt. A lot. He broke every part of my life that I thought I had figured out and had security in….it’s still on-going actually (blog posts for another time). But somewhere in the last ten years I started to see my life isn’t about me.

All those “Why me?” “Why this?” “Why not that?” “Why not him?” questions I would rage on about….they started to go quiet. Because it’s not about me. It’s about Jesus….the work He is doing. I am but a single thread in a tapestry as big as the sky. A precious thread mind you, for its noticeable if one thread gets pulled out of a tapestry, but still “just” a thread in a much much larger picture. From where I’m positioned in my square inch of tapestry…it’s impossible to understand what all the other threads are doing, how my thread will be used and the bigger picture it makes. But God sees it all. Like clay to the Master Potter, or in this case, thread to the Master Weaver, I must be humble to whatever use God has for this little life…whether I understand it a little or a lot. All I know, for sure, is that God sees and knows it all. I just take joy in knowing I’m part of His master work. And I can’t wait to see what this bigger picture looks like one day.

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