Only One

Only One

Haven’t done an art post in a while….

So, this assignment started with any normal object we chose. I selected a combination lock because, well, it was already in my back pack for the times I went to the gym. We then had to produce a series of paintings inspired by the object we brought. Getting inspired by a combo lock proved to be a little harder. What would’ve been some ideas you would have?

After staring at it for a while, I thought about how you can have countless combinations of numbers, but only one set will open the lock. Which led me to wonder what in life has many combinations or ways but only one way out? This question lead me to think about my faith. The world claims there are many ways to reach a number of desired destinations: Nirvana, Heaven, Enlightenment, God. But Jesus made the hugely audacious claim that He was THE way, THE truth and THE life…and that no one goes to the Father except through Him. Well. What can one say to that? I certainly can’t say that Nirvana, Heaven, Enlightment, God, etc are all talking about the same thing. The methods by which you can get to these places as prescribed by the various teachers are also all different. So what if Jesus really IS the true way….the only way? As the popular saying goes, “Where there’s a copy, there must be a real thing.”

Turning back to the painting series…I reflected on how life is a bit of a maze…we all have a start, and entry point…and then we’re set loose in a giant maze. We’re all looking for that way out into a life that is free and purposeful…but some believe the wandering and the search is all there is to life. Certainly the journey is important, but the destination is much more important in this case! Others looking for the way out will encounter wrong turns, dead ends and forks in the roads. What is the right combination? There is a way out. One way out.

So, I painted a maze. It’s reminicent of the maze in Harry Potter isn’t it? I painted mine first though! And it was sold at the end of the semester. Woohoo!

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