How to put it nicely

**Note: This is a non politically correct post!

I got my new BC drivers licence. And I had forgotten to wear make up for the photo. So we’re looking at my picture ….

Skywalker: Hun, I can see why your Dad would comment that your passport picture doesn’t make you look very smart. Now [with this picture] maybe if a cop pulls you over they’ll give you and easier time…”

Me: “Why because you think I look retarded???”

Skywalker: <giggling>

Me: *sigh*

There IS something wrong with my face though. Like my eyes are starting to twist in slightly different angles if that makes ANY sense. My face is also flat looking because my eyes are puffy, like you drew a face onto a balloon. It’s just….OFF. And I see a double in the mornings when I wake up again…or more like one and a half. =( I’m worried about the Graves eye disease progressing…..praying my eyes will be healed!

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