What? Hypo?

Mid February to mid March results….

TSH = 4.3    (normal is 0.27-4.2)

T4    = 15.5    (normal is 10.5-20.0)

Say what? I’ve gone hypothyroid? (But I’m not sleeping more heavily.) Maybe I do need to cut back on eating goitrogens?

After my blood test on Saturday we hit up a small farmer’s market at the Nat Bailey Stadium. There we tried some Angry Kitty Squares (fried kimchi rice squares in spicy sauce)…and after I ate a very tasty square, I realized that the black shreds decorating the dish was actually nori (seaweed). ATCH! A forbidden food! I only had a few shreds….but am wary its high iodine content might trigger something. I’m probably just paranoid. But, now that I know I’m actually hypothyroid at present….I don’t feel as bad about the nori shred.

Still…how did I get hypothyroid? Maybe my thyroid is burning out after a year of hyper/hypo fluctuations. I need to look into getting some Selenium and Zinc to help the thyroid function more effeciently.

This does kind of explain the double vision though, as I find I get it when I’m on the hypo side. Hmm…

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