Brokenness: I don’t GET fired

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I graduated university with distinction and on the Dean’s List. But so what….there were no jobs at the time. A hundred resumes went out with little result. Eventually I was hired at a local credit union….which is basically like a bank…and I NEVER wanted to work as a teller even when I was a university student. (No offence to tellers/CSR’s at banks or credit unions.) I wanted to be downtown, in a high rise, like my other friends.

So there I was…a teller…counting out “So that’s twenty, forty, sixty, eighty, ninety, ninety-five and one hundred dollars from your chequing. Anything else for you today?” Over and over. At the time, I was studying the life of Joseph in BSF. He was a favorite son of a wealthy tribal chieftain but got sold as a slave to Egypt by his jealous older brothers. He humbled himself and served his master, Potiphar, so diligently such that he became the No. One slave in the household. This was a timely story to study as I really felt God was telling me to humble myself and to serve the credit union diligently. So I swallowed my pride and tried to do that.

I was never short a penny from my till when we closed. Two months in they started to train me to be a central teller and I closed with only a few pennies short. Apparently this never happens…they’re usually at least few dollars short. As the sole Asian, I became an interpreter during RRSP season and word was spreading amongst Asian customers that there was someone there who could communicate with them. Certain clients began to wait specifically to see me when they brought in their banking. Things were going well!

Then, one Monday morning, as I came into the branch, the manager intercepted me and called me into an office.

We don’t think you’re a good fit for this branch. Is there any personal belongings in the back? We’ll get it for you and then you can go.”

Feeling completely shocked is an understatement. In stunned silence I drove home but I couldn’t go home quite yet after just leaving the house to go to work….so I called my friend Meth who had a day off and went for coffee. The shock caught up to me and I bawled my face off. And then I got angry. I don’t GET fired! I have two degrees! I graduated with distinction! blah blah blah! I don’t GET fired! And even IF they needed to fire me, why not fire me Friday evening. Why wait til Monday morning??! *&($&%&!! #$()&$!! %(#$!&#$!!

Once the raw emotions calmed down, these verses I had just read that morning floated to the surface of my mind. Oh. Right. Hmmm. So….I shouldn’t be surprised. This isn’t strange. Keep doing good. Okay God. 

Later that week, I felt God speaking to my heart that similar to “intelligence” and “friends”, I was putting my security in a “job” idol instead of in God alone. In addition to what He already pointed out about my pride. I also remembered Joseph, who at the peak of his slave career, was framed and ended up in prison. But he served the other prisoners and became in charge of the prison though he was a prisoner himself. So I sought to follow his example…to be humble and just do my best no matter where that might be. God will open the next door when it’s the right time. And when my attitude has been corrected.

The next week, I got a call from a company I interviewed for nearly a year earlier. They had an opening. Was I still interested? YES! And now nearly eight years later, I’m still at the same company. Praise God! (That’s like when Joseph suddenly found himself second in command over Egypt! Ok so I was still in a peon position but it felt great after what I went through.) I did ask God why He had me fired instead of letting me get this job so I could resign. But I knew the answer was that I needed an idol smashed and my pride to be taken down a few notches. Yup. God knows best.

(I called HR to see if there was a reason for my termination and she said that because it was within my probation period – actually on the last day of – they don’t have to give a reason. The only thread of a reason I can think of was that I did my bible study during my lunch break in the lunch room. Can’t think of anything else.)

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