What does it mean to you?

Conversations related to this topic crept up in different circles of late. Some great thoughts were exchanged and the dialogue was interesting, entertaining and stimulating. Yesterday a girl friend asked me what it meant to me….

When I think about feminism, I tend to think about women who seem to hate men, or women who want to prove that they can do everything a man can and do it better, or women who want to prove the world doesn’t need men, or women who are always angry about how unequal things are, or women who think “equality” should make everything a 50/50 split between themselves and men.

My own definition of being feminist is having choice. Choice to build my career or choice to build my family. Choice to study engineering or choice to study the arts. Choice to be breadwinner or choice to be homemaker. And to know what consequences each choice could result in. And to not feel because I am a womon, or 21st century woman, I “should” be one way or another. Certainly there are societal structures that need to change to increase the opportunities for women to make that choice but I don’t think we’ll ever get a 50/50 split….nor do I think that’s necessarily the best thing for society. I’m not really bothered by it. What I am bothered by is women being seen as things or property, and not respected as another human created in the same image of God that men are.

So that’s me. I could be misinformed or whatnot…would love to hear more thoughts…at the end of the day, I’m just looking for mutual respect, and who ever needs to play whatever role to get something done well…then that’s what needs to be done.

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