Christ’s resurrection: What difference has it made? Part 2

Looking honestly into myself, I feel Hope and Relief when I consider Christ’s resurrection from death. But the main question is still

What difference does Christ’s resurrection make in your life?

And I mean regular day-to-day life.

I think I am a fairly hopeful person. Quietly optimistic. My INTJ personality is one that looks for possibilities beyond the obvious and it lends itself to having strong faith. But I confess the times I get short-sighted, not wanting to take a step unless I can see the whole path. It’s the struggle to have everything under control, under MY control. I want to grow more in this area…of living by faith. To the world, it may look kind of crazy at times, unwise even. Or it may look like I have good intuition or luck when it does work out by God’s provision. Looking back into my own life, I can see these moments. But can anyone else see this Hope or see God at work in my life?

As for relief of not having to try to save myself. It’s really about not having to try to be good enough as defined by values around me. Or even by what God demands of us – to be perfect. Christ lived the perfect life, and I somehow, get to appropriate it as my own. All the while allowing God to transform me from the inside so that I actually become more like Christ. It’s pretty amazing to consider. It might be hard to differentiate how this transformation is going from year to year, but from five years ago until now, I think I’m more compassionate, more gracious, slower to judge and maybe a little more patient. =) Praise God!

Not having to find approval from the world also comes out in me not caring as much what people might think of my status in life. I don’t want to be defined by anything the world tries to define people by. Sometimes it’s a struggle. I was talking to Dahn about this…how our nationalities and job titles and socio-economic statuses are all just labels humans give each other. I don’t fit any of them entirely and frankly don’t want to fit. I don’t want to be known as a “middle class” “married” “female” “Chinese Canadian” “Christian”….I just want to be known as someone who’s Christ-like. (And I have a looooooong way to go.) As Dahn put it “My identity is CHRIST and my citizenship is HEAVEN.”  The more I live like I believe that, the more peace and relief I’ll have of not having to try to fit into this world. Because fitting into this world isn’t going to make me a better person; being transformed into Christ’s likeness will. Again, I’m relieved it’s not dependent on my trying or conforming to be more like Christ, but rather, allowing God to transform me from within. I just have to get out of His way. Which brings up another question, is Christ more and more apparent in me?

Day-to-day differences going forward….

I hope I am kinder and more compassionate…
I hope I am more gracious and slower to make assumptions…
I hope I live more boldly, unafraid of what the world might think of me…
…and unfettered by trying to amass worldly security for myself…
I hope my life is vibrant, as evidence of the abundant Life Jesus promised…
I hope I am more generous, with my time and finances…
I hope others can see Christ’s love through me…

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