Jersey Battle: Oil and Fire

(Image not mine)

Skywalker is a diehard Oilers fan.
I’m a Flames fan (not diehard but loyal).

On Wednesday we got tickets to watch yesterday’s Canucks vs Oilers game so Skywalker brought out his two Oil jerseys to try on. He was hoping I’d wear one in solidarity…and wanted to make sure we’d look good wearing it together. I know. Like I could make his jersey look bad.

Actually…while I knew it would be hard to put on an Oil jersey…I didn’t realize HOW hard it was to do it. omigoodness.

Here Hun, try this on.

Me…diving under my covers. ACK. I can’t I can’t!

Come on! Then we can see how we look like together! In solidarity!

Peeking out. Hun I know you look fine. But I can tell your jerseys are WAY too big for me. It’s ok. I don’t need to try.

Come on. Just try it! I want to see!

Gah….I can’t!

….5 minutes of “Come on just try it” from Skywalker later….

I’m holding a jersey…taking deep breaths…slowly raising it to my head…..

This is SOOOOO hard!!

Deep breath…and it’s on. *shudder shudder*

See Hun…it’s WAY too big. I look like a child in adult clothing. It’s down past my knees.

Hmm….yeah…that doesn’t look good. Here try this one.

What?! I have to try two? It’s the same size! I’ll look the same!

Just try it!! I want to see!

If I try the second one you have to try my Flames jersey. So you can understand how I feel.

<pause…Skywalker looks left>

You have to try it TONIGHT.

HAHAHAHA….darn it!!!

I’m onto you. Now PROMISE ME you’ll try it tonight!!

<pause> ok

I pull the jersey off and shake myself. Another few deep breaths and the second one is on…

See…this one is even bigger!!

Maybe you can roll the sleeves….

No, it’s so big I’m a walking hazard. It doesn’t look good.

I’ll admit it…I can make a jersey look bad. Jersey is off and I grab mine….okay your turn!

It’s too small.

That’s ok…I won’t even make you put your arms through it…just pull it over your head so we can see you with a Flames jersey on.

I scrunch up the shirt to the collar so it’d be easy to pull over and hold it out to him. You can do it Hunnie! It’s ok!

Skywalker looks at me through the collar with a grimace…holds the jersey…

It’s ok Hun. You can do it.

He pulls the scrunched up jersey over his head…it’s all balled around his neck…and then he pulls it off. There done! I pulled it over my head and pulled it off!

That’s not what I meant!

That’s what you said.

You know that’s not what I meant!! Come on!!! I tried on TWO Oil jerseys!! Try it properly!!

No! And he runs off. A slippery one he is.

For the next HOUR I chase him with the jersey around the condo. TRY IT! NO! At one point I had him cornered and pinned to the linen closet while he held his toothbrush. I growl…TRY IT PROPERLY!! Laughing/crying…Nooooo!!! Stop touching me with that! And twists away.

I brought the jersey to bed and spread it on top of our covers between us.

I’ll be too hot. Put it on your side!

No. Come on! No.

Skywalker sits up. Ok fine. I’ll try it. Only because I love you.

Yay! I love you too Hun!

He stares at the jersey and slowly pulls it over his head. I pull the shirt down to reveal the big fiery “C” on his chest. He sits like a dejected boy for a few seconds then pulls the jersey off. See, that wasn’t so bad! I go hang it up while he convulses and smacks his head on his pillow repeatedly.

Oil and Fire…we make a flammable couple. =)

Oilers lost 4-0…but I guess that evens things out after they embarassed the Canucks last Saturday with the Oiler’s 4-0 win after only 10 minutes of play.

2 responses

  1. I just want to say…..YAY to Skywalker and YAY Reigh for taking this ginormous leap of……guts. I have not put on an Oil shirt/jersey and not sure I could be talked into. Huge that Skywalker understood how HARD it was. Regardless of solidarity. Funny how we so tightly hold to our loyalties in hockey. It’s a paradigm shift to try to place one inside the skin/identity of another. And for hockey folks, this IS an identity crisis. Bless your household. I will keep peace in your family by encouraging all future children to be Blues fans :p
    ha ha ha ha ha.

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