True Love: An Exhortation

Happy 2nd Anniversary Skywalker!
Time goes by quickly, sometimes too quickly. But we’re enjoying every bit of it. I love him more now than when I said “I do.” =) Looking forward to year Three!

I’m also trying to build a tradition of reading our vows to each other every anniversary. And also reading through the message our pastor challenged and encouraged us with in our wedding ceremony. It’s easy to drift and forget. Here is the exhortation for us…but maybe it’ll challenge and encourage you too.

For Skywalker and Reigh |  By Rev. Ted Ng
April 9th, 2011

Love never fails.
These words of Scripture are for poets.
They are for dreamers.
They are for little girls who want to princesses
For little boys who would be heroes
But are they for us?
We who know the realities of disappointment
and heartache?
Do we dare dream a dream of love today?

We are no longer children who dream.
We have become hard and practical
Some of us may have even become cynical.
The fact that nearly 3 out of 4 marriages fail is sobering.
Prenupts reveal a lack of confidence in lasting marriage.
If love never fails, why do marriages fail so often?
Or does the Bible sell us false goods?
Is this talk of faith in God
of hope in a meaningful future
and this love supreme just for children?
Is this – all this is really one big sham?
A game we are all politely playing?

I say all this because
It is my duty to you, to all those present, before God
To tell you the truth as you stand on the threshold.
You take one step further with a simple “I do”
And you will cross into a land of dreams
or into a land of nightmares.
So think deeply about what you are about to do.
Your lives will never be the same again.
But then how would you know?

If there is one thing I can give you.
One God given divine truth I can hand you
as you enter this wondrous yet perilous land
It is this: True Love is a form of death.

Doomed Love
True love is not about feeling good about yourself.
It isn’t about finding the perfect person for you
like picking out of an online catalogue.
True Love was never about self-fulfillment.
It has always been about being other centred.
True love will demand everything form you
even though you ‘re not sure what you have to give.
So I will say it again.
True Love is a form of death.
I did manage to forget to tell you that
during the pre-marital didn’t I?

True Love
Do you know why the Bible says God is Love?
Because Jesus, who is God, died for us.
Jesus himself taught,
“Greater love has no one than this: that they lay down their life for a friend.” (Jn 15:13)
No one falls in love as if it were an accident.
We fall into infatuation, not love.
Infatuation isn’t a bad thing because it may lead to love.
But don’t mix the two up like we so often do.
Inasmuch I am sure you are attracted to one another,
To love is to choose to surrender your life.
Life as you have known it.
Life that is self-oriented.
Life that pursues only your own interests.
You die to those things.
You are saying, I will die within your arms.
And when you have resolved that you will begin to love.

Your Journey Towards Love
In laying yourselves down before God
at the feet of one another today,
You begin a journey in which you help each other
Shed your fear of rejection by accepting each other
Shed the pretence that you are perfect by true confession
Shed the shame of hidden things by becoming yourself.
This does not happen overnight.
It takes a marriage
The long slow turning of selfishness into selflessness.
It isn’t easy, but it is good.

Easter is the reminder to us
that life blooms out of sacrificial, selfless love.
Love, in being willing to die is greater than death.

Love Never Fails
Love never fails.
These words of Scripture are for poets.
They are for dreamers.
They are for little girls who want to princesses
For little boys who would be heroes.
But they are also words meant for the broken hearted.
The disappointed, the wounded, the grieving
The unbelieving who want to believe,
The hopeless who struggle to hope.
For those who have fallen asleep
or have forgotten how to dream
They are for you and me.
So this talk of faith in God
of hope in a meaningful future
and this love that is greater than death is real.

And so with these thoughts I step aside
And invite you into a way of living
Where lasting joy is found by giving yourself away


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