Back to Normal

Mid March to mid April results….

TSH = 2.7 (normal is 0.27-4.2)

T4 = 15.4 (normal is 10.5-20.0)

T3 = 4.5   (normal is 3.5-6.5)

Thankfully I did not continue into hypothyroidism as I do not want to be taking synthetic hormones if I don’t need to. They also ran a test for the antibody responsible for attacking my thyroid and well, it’s still there. So I still have Graves. I was secretly hoping the antibodies would go away and I’d be able to say I’ve been cured. But, in God’s time.

For a few weeks that I was hypothyroid, I was seeing double in the mornings. My eyes felt particularly tired and I would try to do eye exercises to keep the muscles active. First there was depth of view exercise where I’d focus on my finger near my face and then to an object farther away. Back and forth I’d focus…30 reps. And then I’d do it again but with a different distance/depth. A second exercise was to look as far up as I could, count to five, then look as far down as possible, and count to give. I’d repeat this for the left/right directions as well as the four “corners”. I’d do this two to three times. A third exercise was to look and hold for five seconds at imaginary points all around my field of vision as if my face was the center of a clock and I was looking at each number around my face. Clockwise and counter. Lastly, if I wasn’t nauseous from all the eye exercise, I’d try to write my name out by tracing the letters with my line of focus.

For the few times my eyes felt particularly tired, I had a little snack ziploc bag with rice in it that I kept in the freezer. I’d put that on my eyes. I don’t have a gel eye mask though I could probably pick one up for cheap at Daiso. This’ll do for now.

I’m a little concerned I might swing into they hyper range…in the back of my mind I remember the Chinese doctor telling me Spring was when this disease might flare again. So I’ll be picking up some herbs for one of the natural thyroid suppressing brews.

Will see how it goes!

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  1. Its a great thing that your Graves is still in check though. It sounds like your handling things fairly well! To avoid getting nauseaus (sorry, spelling) can you do the exercises with your eyes closed?

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