Sorry for being MIA…and not planning enough posts to cover the week I’d be away. I had gone back to Alberta to visit family…but hadn’t taken any time off so I just worked from wherever I could get Internet. It was a blur of a week. Great times. Great food. I miss family.

And then, I flew off to Santa Rosa for Alpha and CW’s wedding (Congratulations again!!)….and what a beautiful place it was! Rolling green hills. Big spreading trees that I would’ve loved to climb. It being Sonoma valley, we checked out a couple vineyards and wineries. Again, gorgeous places…with really nice wines!

This is Chateau St Jean…and the wines I enjoyed there were their:

  • Pinot Blanc
  • Sonoma County Cabernet
  • Gewurstraminer

(Sorry forgot to take down the year.)

THIS majestic view is taken from the front steps of Ledson’s visitor mansion. Beautiful grounds….and wines:

  • Knights Valley Sangiovese 2009
  • Sonoma County Legend 2008
  • Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
  • Mendocino County Orange Muscat 2010 <== REALLY YUMMY! This was the one bottle I bought though I would’ve loved to bring back a case of all the wines I sampled. What sold me on this one was how you can enjoy this drizzled over vanilla ice cream and fresh summer peaches. *drool* I can’t wait to try!

I hope I can find some of these in BC.

Lastly we checked out the Schultz museum…it was super fun to see how this beloved comic came about. The buildings and parks that inspired the story-lines. And just reading the comics themselves. It was just too bad their main gift shop was closed that weekend.

Anyways…am happy to be back home. Although I miss the +30C weather…I do NOT miss the crazy allergies I got from the oak trees pollinating. OMG. The whole time I was crying out of one eye, sneezing and drippy-nosed. Allegra, Claritin and Arius did little to abate my suffering. The tears lend itself well to attending a wedding…but the sneezy/drippiness does not. Not to mention how my eye make up was always wiped away. =P

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