PB and J

(Image from whatscookingamerica.net)

**Disclaimer: Sappy post ahead

Peanut butter and jam. Goes together. Can be enjoyed separately…but best together. And I bet if they had feelings, they’d like being together too. Or at least that’s what I would like. That’s certainly how I felt for the five days that I wasn’t with Skywalker. I know.

It was super fun hanging with Mrs PR and LoL…enjoying wine in Sonoma wineries. Shopping. Eating. But I missed Skywalker. (Sorry Ladies!) I wanted to share that wine with him. Take pictures together with Charlie Brown. Share the experiences. And I missed being able to reach across the bed and feel him next to me. I missed hearing his voice. I missed his presence.

I don’t think that makes me a clingy wife….which I don’t ever want to be. But certainly I am not someone who would want two floors in our home so that we can get some space from each other. Why are you together if you don’t enjoy being together? And I totally understand that sometimes, one or the other needs space to decompress, or maybe there was an argument that both need to cool off from…but that’s not a regular thing. Anyways, I just don’t understand that. I love being with Skywalker. And am happy to be home.


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