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What is that “spark” you feel when you meet someone?
Is it different between guys and girls? Is it superficial?

People speak of this mysterious connection felt when meeting someone they seem instantly drawn to. And I wonder what defines it. Is it plain physical attractiveness? Sound of their voice? The way the sun hits her skin? That’s definitely starting to sound rather superficial…but is this what defines whether we feel that spark with someone? Or maybe it’s about how conversation comes easily? How he makes you laugh? Or how he’s just so awesome somehow?

I had a theory that because men are generally stimulated by sight, and women by touch or emotions, that maybe guys sense the spark in someone who is physically attractive and women find a spark in the person who makes her feel special. Thoughts to this?

I asked Skywalker when he first felt “the spark” with me. His response was something like, “Well, the way you blew me off kinda left an impression. And it’s really all God’s doing because you kept coming to mind even though I wouldn’t normally have given a second thought about a girl who gave me the cold shoulder.” Well, I was hoping for something along the lines of “You were beautiful”….ah well.

For myself…yeah, I did brush him off. Long story short, he was from Edmonton, I was in Vancouver, and I was never going to long distance date again. Famous last words. More in another post. What generated a spark though, was when he asked me a very perceptive question while sending a Facebook friend request. It tickled my brain. And THAT was my spark. Totally non-typical for a girl I know. But I am an INTJ so I guess this makes sense.

How about you? What was that “spark” for you?

3 responses

  1. With Best friend it was when I saw him do his “mouse face” while teaching the Animal Game to a bunch of little seven-year-olds when we were both doing children’s ministry at church. I thought he was cute, and maybe it’s also cuz he seemed so great with the kids? For him, it was cuz he thought I was pretty hot one day when he saw me in a red fitted sweater. Haha, true story.

  2. I can’t say it’s touch or emos. Usually I can look at someone and it’s like a zap of lightning. Maybe I am too much like a man.

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