Self Portraits

Assignment: Photocopy your face, then paint it

That’s what we had to do one year in a painting course at university. I waited as late in the day as I could before heading over to the copy center. There was one other person there…but maybe if I stayed in the far corner I won’t be seen. I prepared some glass cleaner and wiped down the copier surface. Threw in a bunch of quarters and went to town.

Self Portrait 1 This was painted to scale on a letter size board. I used oils. I love the mysterious dream like quality to the end result. It also looks like my face floated up in a pool of dark water. Which is kind of creepy now that I think about it…..
Self Portrait 2 This was enlarged and painted onto a 2’x3′ board. Started in acrylic and finished with oils. It was selected to hang in a downtown office as part of an “Emerging Artist” program and at the end of the term, the executive who had my face hanging in his office all this time bought it because he loved the peaceful look of it. He told me he and his wife are going to hang it in their bedroom. I didn’t need to know….but ok. I guess if it makes you sleep better? I personally wouldn’t want any large faces hanging in my bedroom…my face or anyone else’s. =)

It was a fun project…though, I had far more copies of my face that were hugely unflattering than I would like to admit. As an Asian, I already have fleshier and flatter features. When pressed against the glass….omg. I could see my pores. I could see hairs on my face where I didn’t think I had hair. I know. Vain.

I think I would like to try this again one day though!

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