Question: How does one be more considerate? Is it a slow training of the mind to remember these things? To constantly try to think of that person when around any other person?

One time, a friend was visiting and a get-together was planned for a number of us to hang out and catch up. I hadn’t seen her in three, almost four, years. Skywalker has never met her before. So while catching up at this event, I told her how Skywalker and I met, and how we were enjoying life together back in Vancouver now, etc etc etc. On the drive home, Skywalker pointed out that I didn’t even introduce him to my friend. *GAH!!* Wife fail. They had introduced themselves at the end of the night.

Was it because I felt like Skywalker has always been in my life so I failed to clue in that he hasn’t met my friend before? (Even though he already told me he’s never met her?) Or was I just really inconsiderate and didn’t know my manners? I think…it’s a little of both.

Some people are naturally considerate and empathetic. They have strong social graces. And then there’s people like me who need the slow training of the mind to consider someone else before myself; anticipating each others’ needs or feelings and taking care of it before it’s asked for. And having deliberate and careful thought over my words and actions and the impacts it may have on others. Considering others before ourselves is what we’re told to do as Christ-followers right? So considering my own husband should fall into that naturally. So maybe I’m just not very good at being considerate. Period. Skywalker is definitely more considerate than me. Sometimes I think he’s TOO considerate (which tells me I’m maybe too INconsiderate), but it’s always better to be more polite anyways.

How do you learn to be considerate?


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