25% to Remission

Mid April to end of May results….

TSH = 2.7 (normal is 0.27-4.2)

T4 = 14.7  (normal is 10.5-20.0)

Holding steady at normal ranges. Really good news. Praise God!
I need to have normal ranges for two solid years before the disease is considered to be in remission….so, I’m a quarter of the way through. Doesn’t seem that much more to go, but so much happens in 1.5 years….so continuing to pray for healing….and many THANKS to those who have been walking with me in prayer as well!

Cuz I also really really really want to eat seafood.
(ok I confess, I’ve snuck a few tiny bites of fish…but I was in Maui!! And those were really tiny bites.)


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