How We Met…Part 1

We met today 2009, the day before Skywalker’s brother’s wedding….but it wasn’t like that. You know, the whole “We met at a wedding and were inseparable” story. Our story, was totally NOT like that.

Friends were getting married at my church and our community came together to help out. I was to head up the guest/gift/signing table. The day before the wedding we gathered for a Thank You meal at the groom’s place. The Bride’s mother was putting together a delicious home-cooked meal for all those helping out. Heading back into the kitchen for second helpings, I crossed paths with the Bride’s dad who was letting someone into the condo. Holding my replenished bowl of Malaysian curry, I turned around to see Skywalker having just entered. He was wearing a blue polo T, had a strong jawline, tanned muscular arms and was standing with a good posture. (I notice random things like that.) I was surprised. I didn’t think anyone else was coming to this dinner. I stuck out my hand and said, “Nice to meet you.” Skywalker will insist that I didn’t do this…”How can you shake hands when you’re holding your bowl of curry?”  Meh. Minor details. Whatevs. He was ushered towards the food by the Bride’s dad and I headed back to my seat.

There’s a scene from one of my favorite books where the main character meets this girl at a water well and the moment their eyes connect, the world slowed down. For that moment, everything went silent, because this connection reached into the heart of the universe and found love. Cheesey I know. This DIDN’T happen when we were introduced and I first looked into Skywalker’s warm brown eyes. But strangely enough, this scene from the book came to mind…and I wondered what that meant.

Sitting down, diigee noticed he entered and said, “Oh, that’s the groom’s brother. He’s a REALLY GOOD guy.” I took a second look at the man with good posture in the kitchen. Then promptly brushed him off as “just” a guy from Edmonton and turned a cold shoulder his way. Afterall, I would never entertain a long distance relationship ever again.

Famous last words…but not before I blow him off at the banquet. Stay tuned!

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