How We Met…Part 2

So today, June 20 2009 was the day of the wedding.

My guest table duties had morphed to also include getting corsages and boutonnières pinned onto the right people, coordinating the recessional music with the AV guy, getting lunch for the wedding party after the ceremony and making table center pieces that involved the transport of live goldfish. Plus it was my turn to run a 6:00am weekend report that morning. Nothing some concealer and large fashion sunglasses can’t take care of however.

One by one I pinned boutonnières onto the men and then I got to Skywalker. He looked sharp in a suit. And, oh my, he had nice firm pecs. I avoided eye contact. Straightened the lapel after pinning and said, “Ok, done” then turned to my other duties.

That evening, sitting exhausted at the guest table, I nursed a headache and stomach ache. Skywalker came by and said, “Thank you very much for all the help you gave our family today. We really appreciate it! So, how are you doing?

According to him, my reply was a curt, “Good” and then I looked away.

Y’know…I’m sure I said more to him earlier in the evening and prior to this moment….but this probably did happen. It was a cold bucket of water thrown at a man trying to make conversation with me. He backed away slowly and the evening continued. Food was eaten. Drinks were drunk. Speeches made. Games played. I stole a few more glances at Skywalker through the evening but we never spoke again that night. Nor did I see him again as they returned to Alberta shortly afterwards.

And that was how we met.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my Brother in Law and his lovely bride!
Praise God for bringing you together….so that Skywalker and I could meet! ^_^

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