How We Met…Part 3

The only thing warm about our initial frosty meeting was the curry chicken I was eating the first time we laid eyes on each other. Hard to imagine how things will develop from there isn’t it?

About a week after Skywalker’s brother’s wedding, I suddenly get a Facebook friend request. It’s Skywalker. That pleasant feeling you get when someone wants to be your friend was quickly overtaken by hardening thoughts, “Uh unh. I know where this is going. This is the THIRD time a guy I meet at a wedding is from out-of-provice, who then looks me up on social media to chat me up.  I’ll get my hopes and feelings up, just to be let down some six months to a year later. I’m not going through this again. Ever. NO WAY.

I told my girl friends about this friend request to which they wisely advised, “Don’t make a decision for the future based on different people in the past. Give him a chance. Give yourself a chance. If it doesn’t go well, just block or unfriend him later.” Oh yeah…the power of the Internet…I can do that. I guess I can entertain this and see what happens. (Poor Skywalker…has no idea what he’s getting himself into.)

What was impressive however, was Skywalker’s initial question. He said, “I see we actually have a lot of mutual friends from Alberta, were you from there originally?” My interest was piqued in such a perceptive guy and also by the fact that indeed, we had a lot of mutual friends! And while lurking going through his FB photos, I even came across a group photo that my sister was in as well!! Just who is this guy from Edmonton that I never met before? But that didn’t mean it was going to be easy for him. I wasn’t going to accomodate anything. I thought to myself, “If he wants something to happen, he’ll make it happen.” And so, for the next two weeks of FB exchanges, I answered Skywalker’s questions in two sentences or less, with an “and you?” at the end. Sometimes, I would out right drop the ball and not ask anything back.

Meanwhile, Skywalker started to really believe I wasn’t insterested AT ALL.
He gave it a shot and was ready to pull the plug.

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