How We Met…Part 4

So, Skywalker was going to pull the plug.

But I had just gotten to the point of thinking, “Wow, this guy asks really thoughtful and deep questions. He doesn’t seem phased by my lack of response. I likee!” And then I asked a deep question back myself. For the first time. The question was something other than “and you?”

Skywalker was surprised….pleasantly so. Maybe there’s hope yet!

And so we expand the FB exchanges. Two sentence replies becomes two paragraphs. Two paragraphs becomes four. July becomes August….and Skywalker decides to ask me for my number. Immediately I think of the false starts where actually speaking to each other ties me in emotionally a little faster and deeper. I didn’t want my heart to get more entangled again and have it all for naught. Not until he can tell me this is going somewhere. So how to decline giving my number without saying no? And, more importantly, how would he take it?

I’m flattered you want my number. But I’m not comfortable talking on the phone to someone whom I haven’t hung out with face to face. Hope you understand.”

Can’t say Skywalker was expecting this reply. He was at a little bit of a loss. Some of his friends said, “What? She didn’t give you her number? Just let it go man.” Other friends advised, “Well, she didn’t say no….I guess keep going with this and see what happens?

Thankfully, he listened to the latter and replied that he totally understood and respected my request. I was impressed again! Gold star! He handled it with grace and demonstrated patience and perserverence in his character…because he would need the perserverence for sure…

Towards the end of August I mention I’d be in Calgary for my grandma’s birthday and a few weddings. He writes back that he “coincedently” needs to come to Calgary to pick something up from his friend for a trip he’s going on. Would I be free to go for a bubble tea? Yes, indeed I would. Could he have my number so that we can communicate a meeting point the day of? Yes he could.

And so….we wait for the end of August. Stay tuned.

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    • I distinctly recall making arrangements with you earlier. I didn’t just show up. Punk! Very appreciative of you and Nettie’s hospitality! =)

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