How We Met…Part 5

I know what you’re thinking, “When is this relationship EVER going to take off???

Probably in two more installments. It’s an unusual love story to say the least. =)
So, we meet, I blow him off, he reconnects, he almost pulls the plug…and now we might get to our first date. Or is that a pre-date?

We set a time to meet at Try Again (kind of ironic considering how hard Skywalker had to try to make this happen), a little bubble tea place in Calgary’s Chinatown. I’m in a green dress and my hair is 14 inches shorter than when we first laid eyes on each other. Will he recognize me? I’m a little nervous…but it’ll never show on my face of course.

I check my phone. Any minute now.

Looking up I see Skywalker. He’s in a blue and white polo, jeans, and striding with purpose. Our eyes meet and we exchange greetings. He buys my bubble tea….I don’t remember what flavor it was. And we start walking out of Chinatown and along the Bow River. It’s a beautiful late summer day in Calgary. The sun is shining. We talk about our families, our upbringing, our schooling. Likes and dislikes. I felt really comfortable and it seemed serendipitous how many life experiences we had in common. We both went through seven years of university. The first concert we’ve ever gone to was DC Talk, opened by Jars of Clay. We were both at Coko and Lime’s wedding…though we never met. And we also had similar life and spiritual values. (Gold star!)

A couple hours of walking along the river passed. Skywalker wanted to ask me to dinner, and I would’ve wanted to as well, but I had a family dinner to attend. I took a deep breath, I would never ask a stranger to do this, “Would you be able to drive me home?” Sure he said. So we walked back to his car. He opened the door and I got in. I noted that he kept his car clean and uncluttered. (Gold star!) And the comfortable rolling conversation continued until he pulled up on the driveway.

I thanked him for the ride and bubble tea. Said I really enjoyed the afternoon. Exited the car and walked away. I was a little sad to be dropped off. I also noted he waited until I was in the house before driving off. (Gold star!)

Y’know….I think I like him. I really do.

So, maybe I’ll ease up a little on how we’ve been communicating. We can EMAIL now. Woohoo!
(Told you he’ll need the perseverance.)

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