Trending Towards Hypo

June to mid July results….

TSH = 2.9 (normal is 0.27-4.2)

T4 = 16.5  (normal is 10.5-20.0)

Yes, it’s still within normal ranges, but according to some naturopathic sources, the TSH reaching the high two’s or three’s is considered hypothyroid to them. I would like to think this explains my gradual weight gain…but I know it’s also account my general lack of exercise. Wait, that’s not true. Ever since February I’ve been cycling nearly every weekend. Skywalker has lost weight (says my parents, his parents and my aunt and uncle)….but I haven’t. What’s up with that? Maybe it IS the hypothyroid!!

So…I wonder if this means I can introduce more seafood into my diet….or I wonder if that’s a sign my thyroid is tiring and needs some supplimental help. It is entirely possible for a thyroid to burn out apparently. Taking therapeutic doses of Selenium and Zinc will help the thyroid function more efficiently. Vitamin B complexes are also beneficial. As is maintaining a life style where you get enough rest and exercise. I’m definitely lacking on the exercise bit.

It’s Summer…it’s passing quickly….I need to get moving!

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