How We Met…Part 8

October 10 2010. That’s the date of our first “official” date. Yay!

This was my opportunity to recover from my little parking spaz at Friday dinner with his brother and sister-in-law. The butterflies beat their little wings in my chest so I doubled my efforts to “look calm, cool and collected”. I picked Skywalker up from the train station. He looked good in a dark blue jacket…also appearing very calm, cool and collected. And so we head to lunch. I was tasked with picking the place.

Hawker’s Delight was my casual selection. I didn’t want it too formal or uptight. The fancy restaurants can wait. This little hole-in-the-wall boasts hawker center style foods from the Singapore/Malaysia area…..all for under $7 a plate. You really can’t go wrong. We pick a gado gado salad, some chicken laksa, some beef curry and some satay sticks. The total is under $20.

Skywalker’s at the till and as he looks down at his wallet to pull out the credit card, he sees a big sign taped onto the counter, “CASH ONLY”. And like I used to be coming from Alberta, he had no cash. (Someone later reminded us that B.C. really stands for “bring cash”. Well, now we know.) He looked back up in slight dismay as I waved a twenty towards the cash register.

I could go to the ATM,” he said.
Don’t worry about it,” I replied, smiling. “Let’s eat!
PLEASE let me make it up do you somehow,” he said.
And then I think I said something like “We’ll see” because I blanked out and couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say. I actually don’t remember what I said…but Skywalker said it wasn’t very encouraging. He’s probably right.

We dig into the delicious food. We talk. And then we go for a walk. Talking more. And then he comes with me grocery shopping. I note how carefully he checks vegetables for freshness. (Gold star!) And then I explained that I had two Thanksgiving dinners to attend that night. Skywalker is disappointed as he was hoping to “make it up to me” by going on another date. Or that I might invite him to dinner. Truthfully, I would’ve loved for the “date” to continue into dinner except the first Thanksgiving dinner was with my landlord and their family who gave us a formal invitation. I couldn’t suddenly show up with an extra guest.

We spent five hours together that afternoon. I hoped he could tell I was interested…I mean, who spends FIVE hours with someone just to be polite?? Right??? (Skywalker later tells me his friend called to ask how it went and his reply was, “I really don’t know. I couldn’t read her.” Yeah, I probably over did the calm, cool and collected thing.)

And so, with some sadness, I drop Skywalker off at his brother’s place and drive to that first Thanksgiving dinner. While making small talk and complimenting my host’s cooking and festive decorations, my mind kept going over the different parts of our date. Bits of conversation. Pondering what he thought of me. But mostly recalling the comfortable sound of his voice and the ease with which I could look into his brown eyes. What will happen tomorrow?

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