How We Met…Part 9

By now you’ve probably lost interest in how we met. ha ha. It took a LONG time to get to this point…though it’s still not where he asked me out. “Today” would be Sunday Oct 11, 2009…a critical day for the relationship.

Skywalker’s brother invited a group of friends to gather for a turkey dinner. Everyone was chatting with everyone and I didn’t have much of a chance to talk to Skywalker. He hadn’t bought up anything about where we were at and time was running out until I closed things down for lack of progress. A girl friend had flown out to visit several of us and was staying with me so we had made some plans for Thanksgiving Monday….ending that day with another Thanksgiving dinner with girl friends. When would there be another opportunity to get together with Skywalker?? I didn’t want to close things down. But I wasn’t going to bring it up. My stomach was starting to tie itself into knots.

Running. Out. Of. Time.

One pivotal point came when, after dinner, diigee came up to me and said, “You’re not coming to our dinner tomorrow. You have a different dinner you need to be at.” And for saying that, I owe at least another beer! Feeling a little giddy, I went up to Skywalker and asked if he would be free for dinner tomorrow.

But I thought you already had plans?

Plans got changed. I smiled. (Thank you diigee!)

Okay sure!

And then we got shuffled into teams to play a game called “Things“…it’s a hilarious game where you write down the first thing you think of to a given category. Then everyone takes turns guessing who said what. The first question of the night, and I swear God was involved in this, was “What is one thing that annoys you most about men?

While laughter, groans from men and mumbles of “only one thing??” from women rose after the category was read, that ONE thing popped into my mind along with the memories of false starts: VAGUENESS. I folded my slip of paper and dropped it into the box. Everyone’s responses were annonymously read out and the guessing started. At digee’s turn she immediately guessed “Vagueness” was my response. (Maybe I owe another beer.) I saw Skywalker lift his head when I was identified. Perfect! I thought, he heard!

The evening wrapped up without much interaction between us…but now we had another day to see this through. That night I prayed “God if this is supposed to happen, let it happen. If not, then not.” And then I waited for our dinner on Thanksgiving Monday….which, yes, leads to the LAST installment of this series.

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