Trophies…just trophies

(Image not mine)

I feel like I haven’t been living with very much vision for my life. I feel like I should be setting bigger goals and then going about attaining them. In the workplace, I would like to be a Director one day. I wouldn’t want to be any higher in the ladder than that…but I do want to go about two levels higher than where I’m at. I would also like to own multiple properties…a relatively stable investment with long term growth. And tax shelter. I want to travel to every continent. See the world. I want to paint again. Dance. Be physically fit and reach my goal weight.

If I want these things, then maybe I need to set smaller goals that lead to the big one and go about achieving each step right? Maybe I need to be more proactive about looking for career building opportunities. Maybe I need to just make myself get that gym membership or sign up for classes. Maybe I should start looking for a little condo apartment to invest in for rental income. Didn’t someone say once, “The best way to get something done is to just do it“?

I shared this with Skywalker.

Why do these things matter? Why do you want them?

Well, it’s nice to be able to say I’ve been a good steward of resources and be able to produce fruits of my labor. It adds to security too. And I’d feel more accomplished. I might not save the world from disease, but for myself, I would have something to show.

Do those things really add security though?

Good point. No. My security is in Christ alone. All those things could be wiped with another economic crash or natural disaster. It’s happened before and it will certainly happen again.

Would your collection of trophies last in Heaven? Not that the things you mentioned are bad, but that’s what the world goes after. It’s all going to go through the fire…will it matter then?

Probably not. And now I feel a little sheepish. I know I’m to build eternal things, reach for the treasure that is in Heaven where moth and rust do not destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal. Yet the pull of going after those things have seeped into my being. The pull of collecting trophies. Trophies that will feed my pride. Trophies that could become my idols. I have to admit, they’re just trophies at the end of the day. Thank you Skywalker for speaking Truth into those rambled thoughts!

It’s a hard balance…we ARE to be resourceful and good stewards of our material wealth. We ARE to grow whatever we’ve been given…whether much or little. But not just material things….spiritual things as well. Do I have goals for that? Am I looking for ways to spread God’s love and compassion? What eternal things am I building? (Though really, I know I’m not the one building…God is.) Those are the questions that are probably of greater importance in the light of eternity. But it’s also not as tangible…and that is what I struggle with. I can’t “see” results. I suppose that also minimizes the temptation to be proud over what *I* accomplished. A life of faith is totally not about works, but it’s not easy either. So I blunder forward, praying for direction and discernment. Anyone else going through this?


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