The “How We Met” Series

A wedding may have been what brought us into the same scene of a Story, but looking back at it all, Skywalker and I can see how our individual threads were really woven together by God. There were some close calls on both sides where this could’ve become about “just another person I met in the past”…but God’s presence in His timing and provision of friends to say the things we needed to hear to keep going is pretty undeniable. Thank You God. Thank you Friends. =)

Part 1 – The first time we laid eyes on each other
Part 2 – I blow him off
Part 3 – He reconnects
Part 4 – He almost pulls the plug
Part 5 – I gave an inch
Part 6 – “We should meet up”
Part 7 – I hate parking in Richmond
Part 8 – First Official Date
Part 9 – Running. Out. Of. Time.
Part 10 – The DTR (Finally!)


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