It was one of those “outside the box” type projects that my brain resisted in the beginning. I like to plan. I like knowing what my end result is going to be like. I like knowing what midpoints look like. This project was to write a list of different instructions on slips of paper, put those slips into a jar, sporadically pull a slip out and then follow the instructions. As we went along, the professor would call out and we’d also have to cover up parts of our work with newsprint, which got layered more and more, until the final reveal and class critique at the end.

You just wouldn’t know what it would look like until that moment.

It was such a frustrating process for me.

Some of the instructions and layers include:

  • draw something with conte….I drew ferns (I think….green leaves anyways)
  • apply glossy varnish somewhere
  • include a self portrait
  • draw something with pastels…I drew large cupping hands
  • and then I mostly filled each layer with lots and lots of dragonfly wings

The painting was done on a 4’x4′ board and I was so happy to part with it when my god-daughter’s mom wanted to buy it. It doesn’t look too bad at the end does it?


4 responses

  1. Hey ! I really like your painting. I just started getting back to some painting as well. I’m interested in seeing more of your work. I’m currently working on some studies on Mondrian, Rothko and Newman.

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