Wash Away

Wash Away

Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas
Size: 4’x4′

This wasn’t one of my stronger pieces. I remember being a little low on inspiration. But what inspired this painting was a conversation I had with someone who decided to keep track of the good vs bad things he did in one day. He was tallying his deeds up in a notebook. I don’t remember the exact details but he recounted how by the time he go to school, he had some fifteen marks under “bad” and one tally under “good”. The “bad” included swearing, being impatient with his roommate, not saying sorry for bumping someone while running for the bus, not holding the door, etc. And the one good thing was letting an elderly lady take his seat. And that was just in the first two hours of his day. It wasn’t looking very good for him he said.

I thought this was a very good exercise to go through. We consider ourselves “good” people but I know, if I actually stop to count, the “bad” would far outweigh the good. It’s easy to do NOTHING than to do good. But it’s easier still to be selfish and do/say/think “bad”. That would be a LOT of tallies against me every day. Month. Year. Life. I could ignore it….as I think most people do…and choose to believe the idea that I’m a “good” person. But to be really honest with myself…I know it’s pretty dark inside.

So I am immensely THANKFUL for the work of Christ in that ALL the tallies of my past/present/future can be washed away. By grace, for I know I’m undeserving. Though, I’m not sure that sentiment came across very well in the painting. As can be imagined in a secular and liberal painting class, it’s hard to find other artistic people of faith to bounce ideas off of. Ah well….

Jesus paid it all
All to him I owe
Sin had left a crimson stain
He washed it white as snow

– Jesus Paid It All | Elvina M. Hall

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