…for disappearing the last few months.

It was hard to think through my daily, and all-day mind you, fog of nausea and semi-narcoleptic tendencies. Or rather, my thoughts were mostly questions of how women could enjoy this time. I thought pregnant women glowed? Yes, bun’s in the oven — Skywalker and I are expecting!

(Image not mine)

Things were progressing smoothly then at exactly week 7, everything…like everything…tasted terrible. Especially meat. And I LOVE meat. So I was pretty sad when I went to cook chicken/beef/pork/lamb/fish and found I couldn’t handle the smell or taste. Meat smells and tastes like death. Even if it’s marinated…I taste the marinade…and the protein texture in my mouth that still tastes like death. *gag* And garlic? *double gag* I had also developed an incredible sense of smell. I could be taking a walk outside and smell that someone had just opened a can/bottle of Coke somewhere. But all the scents added to the nausea. Especially food scents. So I really didn’t want to eat much…but hunger made the nausea worse. Which meant I had to force stuff into my mouth and stomach. I breathed mostly through my mouth that first trimester. Happily, the nausea fog cleared in the second trimester…and while meat still isn’t the tastiest to me, I can stomach it.

On a more positive note….hearing the heartbeat for the first time was pretty incredible. Hearing it the second time is still pretty incredible. There is a new LIFE inside! My body is helping sustain a little human right now….a whole new individual being is in there!! And now, I’m just starting to feel little butterfly swooshes and swipes inside me. That I get to be part of this miracle is a gift of grace in itself. It’s an amazing feeling that fills my mind and heart with wonder.

Ok, answers to questions everyone asks:

Due Apr 29
Week 17
Gained 8 lbs total so far
Don’t know the gender and leaning towards being surprised
Doesn’t matter whether boy or girl…healthy, happy baby is all we ask for
Haven’t picked names yet…any tips on how to narrow things down?

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  1. Congrats again! I’m due exactly a month after you, May 30th. =D TBH, being surprised with the gender is the best thing ever. I’ve done it both ways and by far, I loved not knowing the most! I’m also jealous, you’ve only gained 8 lbs. I’ve gained 16.
    As for names. Good luck. You’ll figure it out. I knew I wanted Olivia if I had a girl. Chris really didn’t have much say. For my 2nd pregnancy I was 2 weeks from being due and Chris finally picked out a name for a boy that we both agreed on since he hated every one I thought of. Its a lot of suggesting and then humming and hawing. When you do find a name, you’ll KNOW its the right one. It will fit perfectly in your heart like a little puzzle piece.

      • #3…um. no. LOL. By the third we’re both kinda…eh. We’ll more than likely procrastinate it until a week before and then be in a crazy rush to pick a name.

        Have you guys figured out any names yet?

      • Nope…we’ve figured out NOTHING thus far. 🙂 A lot of “definitely not”, some “maybe”…but not really any “yes I like that one” yet.


    Praise God for protecting and keeping baby well.

    We are due March25, so only a month a part:) I had a feeling for each of my pregnancies…about the sex, And so far I am 3/3. We Found out last week it’s a boy:)

    Can you Whatsapp me again? Brie deleted my Whatsapp and I lost some of my contacts. Do you still use Whatsapp??

    Sorry about meat…with Judah I couldn’t stand BBQ meat and mushrooms!

    Love you and miss you my dear Loretta

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