Naming Dilemma

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There’s a saying in Chinese…translated roughly as…”It’s not that you were born with a bad life, you were just given a bad name.” And this saying weighs on my mind as we start to consider names for our future child. There’s also Biblical examples of how an individual’s name pretty much paints the picture of what their character or life will be like. The ever popular “Jacob” means “heel grabber” and there are many biblical stories of how he tricked his elder brother into giving him the first-born birthrights, or how he found ways to become richer than his scheming uncle, or how he wrestled with the angel of the Lord for a blessing and only let go after the angel touched his hip which wrenched it out of socket. His whole identity was in grabbing after blessing. And so….we’re trying to pick a name with a good meaning…a name our child can grow into character-wise. Not just something that has a nice ring to it when paired with our surname.

And it’s hard.

I have many mommy friends who have two to three kids each. That’s a lot of names that have already been taken. It’s kind of an unspoken rule that you can’t use the same name right? I actually grew up initially disliking my name because I didn’t know anyone else who had it, but then I came to like its uniqueness. So I would like to find a name that is unique but not a complete outlier. Bible names…as nice as they are…are a bit over-used. And the Top-10’s….also overused. Then we have to deal with names that remind us of ______. Skywalker and I are learning a lot about each other’s childhoods as we talk about the bullies or jocks or brats we encountered. Another time, Skywalker suggested Anastasia…which I immediately shut down as that’s Cinderella’s ugly step-sister!! And sounds a bit like an exotic dancer name.

I like strong sounding simple names compared to delicate sounding or complex names. For example, Ava over Ophelia…or Ethan over Maximilian. And Skywalker seems to like the names I don’t like. ha ha. Also influencing my choices are articles like this and this which suggest the name of your child could make or break their career….if not categorize WHAT career they’ll likely end up with. So that Chinese saying might actually be onto something…..

But we’re not….not with getting a shortlist of names we both like. I guess good thing we’ve still got five months (aaahh!!).

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  1. LOL! When I read the part about Anastasia (a name Chris had suggested too!) My thoughts were the exact same: Thats cinderellas evil step sister, why would I do that to my child?!

    Believe me though, you’ll find a name. I knew Olivia’s name would be Olivia long before I was ever pregnant. Xavier’s name wasn’t chosen until I was 2 weeks from being due. You have lots of time. Enjoy your pregnancy and know that whatever you are having, will eventually be named. I always joked with Chris that if we couldn’t come up with a name we were going to call our child “No Name Brand!”

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