10 min Pregnancy Yoga Flows

I’ve been terrible about getting daily exercise through this pregnancy. I’ve been terrible about getting exercise before getting pregnant too. Terrible. I know all the health benefits/consequences. I’m married to a physiotherapist…and like most spouses of health professionals, I’m kind of non-compliant. [insert “sigh” and shake of head from Skywalker] BUT, I’m trying…this isn’t about me and my laziness…this is about another precious human being entrusted under our car, well, under my direct care for the next fourish months. I have to do this for him/her. And so…baby steps, I found these simple 10 min yoga flows on youtube. They’re great! When done daily it opens up the hips (critical for birthing), strengthens the core (also critical for birthing and recovery), improves balance and circulation. These flows are safe for all trimesters. And what’s nice is that I can do different combinations of them to build my daily workout. Or if I just need a 10 min break from sitting at my desk, I could just do one!

If anyone knows of any other really good prenatal yoga flow videos, please let me know! =)

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5


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