Week 24: Staying positive

It’s a big week….Week 24. As my sister points out, Baby is now viable outside the womb, though only with extensive support. Of course I don’t hope that my or anyone’s baby needs to be outside the womb at this point…but just saying, Baby is developed and has all his/her parts! Pretty amazing…

I’m enjoying all the kicking and movements I feel. And it’s even more enjoyable when the kicking isn’t straight into my bladder.

We’re still kind of stuck on the naming side of things…but we’ve got time. So that continues to mull in the backs of our minds. Ms PR pointed me to this Baby Name Voyager that basically tells you if a name is a fad name or not. Fad names will likely only be popular over a certain period of time and then no more. Which means in another 30-60 years, that name will be an “old person name” where no young people will share that name to keep it “fresh” and popular. Take Jennifer. No offense to Jennifers out there….but one day that name is going to sound like Thelma to young ears. So, take a name, plug it into the Voyager. If the graph looks or starts to look like a pointy witch hat…then it’s likely a fad name.

On the health front, I’ve been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I was really hoping I wouldn’t be. But, I am. And a slightly worse case of it than “normal” too. Basically the placenta is causing my body to be resistant to the insulin it makes. I’ve maxed out insulin production and it’s still not bringing the sugars in my body down. Worse case scenario is that I’ll need insulin injections. Best case is if I can manage it through diet and exercise. I saw the dietician…and frankly, their meal plan suggestion isn’t very different from what I was already doing before being diagnosed. I already asked them to reduce the suggested carb intake even more because it’s hard to see where the sugars can be cut if I already don’t eat them. For sure anything sugary or made with white or rice flour is axed. Thank goodness Christmas cookies were nearly done with before I was diagnosed! And thank goodness I’m not a big carb or sweets fan to begin with. But yes, right now I have to poke my finger before and after every meal to check sugar levels. I also need to walk 20 min after every meal. It’s a lot to take in and remember….but ultimately this is for Baby. I want Baby to be healthy.

I’m trying to remember too that God’s hand is in this as well. It’s not about putting faith into diet and exercise though I know it will help. It’s a continuous journey to trust God for His healing and provision….because He loves this child more than I can understand, even as his/her mom.

So…trying to stay positive. Though I HATE getting my fingers poked all the time. This is just a temporary annoyance. Four more months!

Bump picture to come. =)

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