2013: A quick look back

Just like that, 2013 came and went.

Jan:: Whining about food restrictions  Feb:: I am INTJ | First time on a bike since Gr 8 | Training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer | No king crab for me  Mar:: Brokenness series  Apr:: Second Anniversary | Trying ballroom dancing and liking it (Skywalker that is) | Sonoma Valley and C&C’s wedding  May:: (honestly can’t remember what happened in May….probably just more training rides)  June:: Hawaii with Skywalker’s family | Ride to Conquer Cancer | The “How We Met” series  Jul:: Lots and lots of friends visiting | becoming “open to God”  Aug:: First and only camping trip of the year | More friends visiting | We’re expecting!  Sept:: Nausea sucks | First look at Baby  Oct:: Eastern Europe trip turn Babymoon | Skywalker’s Dad’s 80th | Going to be an Aunt!  Nov:: Listing the condo | Listing the car | Cleaning like mad  Dec:: Second look at Baby | Waiting on God | one year no thyroid meds! | the Flu | Goodbye Sage and Hello Skye

I feel like more has happened than what’s been recorded in a few phrases. And well…time doesn’t stop and we’re moving into 2014 steadily. It’ll be a big year….Lord help us to number our days rightly! Looking forward to it!


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