Things my Dad says

Have you started to waddle yet?

Is your face getting puffy and more round?

Your uncle says you move very well and aren’t clumsy; sounds like you’re having a boy.

Did you ask Skywalker whether he thinks you look prettier or uglier now? Because if you look prettier, then you’re having a girl.

Can you tell if you’re pregnant from behind? Because if you can’t then it’s probably a boy.

But, your belly is round and not pointed which is more like a girl.

I love seeing and hearing my parent’s excitement. The first grandbaby on my side! It’s also fun hearing the guessing going on. Not just from my Dad, but just about everyone has heard some kind of theory about what indicators to look for in predicting the baby’s sex. What are other theories you’ve heard?


3 responses

  1. I love your dad. He cracks me up.

    I have heard to if you carry high or low and also how much gas you have. ;). Don’t bring it to Houston as we have enough here 🙂

  2. For me where I carried was a big indicator. Olivia was high. Very high. In fact, she didn’t drop until I was delivering her.
    I carried Xavier lower. Much lower.
    This won’t apply to you, but b/c X was my second pregnancy, I had a pregnancy to compare him to. He was a very different pregnancy compared to Olivia. Very different.
    The other part to trust is your gut instinct. I KNEW Olivia was a girl before we found out. I KNEW this one was a girl as soon as I was pregnant. Xavier I felt very unsure on.
    I’m going to go out on a limb and say its a boy.

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