Week 27: End of 2nd Tri!!

OMG…it’s the end of my second trimester already. Can’t say I’m ready. At all. Except for having a car seat and stroller purchased. And having a bassinet and crib lined up from generous ladies in my community. But that’s it. We don’t even know where we might be living in three months because we’re trying to sell our current place and buy a new home right now. Timing’s a little tight. I know. Maybe even a little crazy…but I’ve heard it’s been done. And everyone survived.

The exciting part is that when the situation looks crazy or almost impossible…it’s a greater opportunity to see God at work. So that’s where I’m hanging my hope. Or trying to.

So, some updates…
I’m getting used to the finger poking four times daily and the insulin three times daily. But I’m still not as good with getting my prescribed snacks ingested on time. Sometimes I just don’t feel like snacking! And then I get bored of my choices…but we’re working on expanding the healthy snack repository in the kitchen. With any food restriction, I find myself thinking about the things I can’t or shouldn’t eat: chips, fruit yogurt, cereal, dessert, etc. I’m also reading how many grams of sugar per serving is in everything I buy. Unbelievable how much sugar is in so many products out there!

Thyroid is steady on normal. Praise God!

I FINALLY have a prenatal doctor. I was seeing a GP up til now and she was trying to get me into an OB GYN group to deliver in Vancouver since that’s where we plan to move…and because that particular hospital is fully set up for any potential complications. Considering my thyroid issue, gestational diabetes…AND marginal placenta previa…I’m not exactly low risk. But hospital politics man. I didn’t have a Vcr address and was shut out. Thankfully my GP was able to connect me with a family doctor in Vcr who does obstetrics and she could take out of city patients for Vcr delivery. OB GYN’s can’t.

At my latest appointment, the Dr said the fundal height was measuring a little on the big side. (This is probably why Skywalker thinks I’m already huge. “If you’re this huge now, what are you going to be like in three months?” he asks. “A manatee,” I say.) So the size could be account the gestational diabetes…though once sugars are controlled, baby growth should normalize. I really hope I don’t have a big baby….like six pounds at birth would be perfect. There are complications with big babies and it’s a little scary. I’m also thinking about the pain/tearing because I also hope to do a natural birth. But, can’t hold onto these preferences….things are often not in my control so best to manage my expectations early. Still though, I’m a little nervous.

So…here we go…next week starts the THIRD TRIMESTER!


One response

  1. Just for the record you are not huge! You look very petite. Its an adorable baby bump.
    As for baby size, I have heard from my aunt who has 7 kids that size does not matter. she was telling me her bigger babies were easier births than her smaller babies. I also have to attest to that. Olivia was almost a full pound smaller than X and yet my birth with X was WAYYYY easier than with O.

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