Battle with Sugar

We went on a little babymoon last week….to Houston and New Orleans. I know, it’s not what most think of when you think of a babymoon, but we’ve always wanted to see the deep South and there’s a next to no chance of us bringing kids to the French Quarter. It was also a great way to see and catch up with my dear friend Dahn (miss you!)….thank you for housing us and doing all the driving!!

Blackened and Fried alligator

Blackened and Fried alligator

I had a list of things I wanted to eat when we were in New Orleans:

  • catfish
  • crawfish
  • alligator
  • beniet
  • gumbo
  • fried green tomatoes
  • fried pickles

And tried them all we did. My favorites are blackened alligator and cajun-seasoned boiled crawfish. (My Mom is reading this and is probably tisk-tisking me for eating exotic meats and shellfish

Cajun seasoned crawfish

Cajun seasoned crawfish

while pregnant. The Chinese have a very long list of forbidden foods during pregnancy…but just a “little bit” can’t hurt can it?? For the record, I restrained from eating any oysters though they were really cheap and I totally wanted to.)

The biggest battle was with managing my blood sugar in gestational diabetes. All the breads were made with refined white flour. (No sprouted or whole grain products anywhere.) I kept to my restricted carb servings per meal and we were walking daily but still my blood sugar was really high. It was so discouraging each time I checked my sugars. Around day two of the trip I started to connect corn products to particularly high readings. If I ate corn chips…or cornmeal battered fried stuff…my sugar would take FOREVER to come back down. While I could avoid corn chips, the battered stuff was harder to avoid. Finding a decent salad was difficult too. Many vegetarian options were loaded with sugary carbs (i.e. white rice, breads) so that wasn’t a viable option either. I ended up increasing my insulin doses…which helped…but it was hard to be surrounded by all the food I wanted to try and had to hold myself back to just a couple bites. And I

Icing sugar coated beniets

Icing sugar coated beniets

skipped all desserts entirely. Man! For someone who really likes to eat….this was a tough battle. I felt I tried really hard with minimal results. And then I would worry for Baby thinking about all that sugar passing to him/her.

Skywalker reminded me that we really can only control so much. Trust is still in God and not in all the things I try to do…though doing them is still a good and wise thing. Three days in New Orleans compared to the three months left in pregnancy isn’t going to make massive impacts…but I should probably pick up the exercise now that I’m back home. I’m also SO happy to be eating green vegetables again!


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  1. Hi Reigh,

    I can totally relate to your experience and frustrations! I find being away from home and eating out really hard too. You can’t control what restaurants put in their food (it might look innocent on the menu) and it’s so dissatisfying only being able to have a couple tastes of certain delicious foods… especially knowing you might not get the opportunity to come back to try it next time.

    I also find it quite tedious having to prep so many meals/snacks each day. I used to only have lunch, dinner, and maybe an evening snack. Now, I have to plan and prep 3 meals plus 3 snacks each day. It’s a lot of food to pre-plan and pre-pack for work.

    I’ve had mixed success so far with controlling my blood sugar with diet and exercise =( My fasting, breakfast, and lunch numbers are good, but I seem to overshoot quite regularly with dinner even with significantly reduced carb portions, no sweets, and exercise. I’ve been chatting with my dietician and she’s wants to monitor my sugars a few more days, but she thinks I will likely need some insulin to main my levels and get enough nourishment. I rarely feel full after dinner, I’m losing weight, and my levels are still high. I feel terrible when I go over and I can’t sleep at night from worry/frustration when it happens (which worsens things).

    I already feel quite helpless and what adds to the frustration is when people imply that I might have somehow caused the condition (“Well, I know how you used to like those sweet lattes at starbucks” or “It’s easy to overeat when you’re pregnant”), try to convince me that gestational diabetes might be a blessing in disguise (“It forcing you to eat healthier and more balanced, right?”), or minimize the condition (“I hear it’s pretty common, right?”). I thought I had a pretty healthy/balanced lifestyle (especially diet-wise) pre-pregnancy and I know people are actually trying to be helpful and make me feel better, but their comments really have the reverse effect.

    There are some things we can control, but there are some things, only God can control and we can only do so much. Have to remind myself only a few more months to go!!! I’m starting to make a list for HB of all the food I want him to buy for me after I have the baby ;o) It’s a loooong and growing list!

    • Jella…we should totally get together and commiserate over our 7 small crackers, cheese and a medium apple. =) Going over is a terrible feeling indeed. We try so hard! Actually, I’ve gotten lazy with the exercise ever since they told me it didn’t make much difference in my case. But keep it up!! I think we’re due around same time? (I’m Apr 29) Just a little longer. Oh, and I found these natural quinoa protein bars at Costco that are quite good for snack…I’ll take a pic and email you.

      I told Skywalker I want a platter of sashimi, liver pate, beef tartar, raw oysters, king crab and a honey crueler (sp?) in my recovery room after delivery.

      • Yes, email/facebook me if you’re in town and have time to meet up. Ooh, I’m always looking for easy snack ideas. I’ve been making a quinoa porridge with berries and soy milk for breakfast and it’s been pretty tasty and filling. I’m due Apr 23 so we’re just days apart. My list is much like yours (really miss the rare beef and raw seafood), but also tack on a big scoop of full fat ice cream and a tall caramel macchiato!

      • omigosh…full fat and real sugar ice cream!!!! (Tho I’m not even a big ice cream eater. I want it because I can’t have it. Like chocolate cake.)

      • It goes fast. I don’t think there is any way to actually prepare for your first little one. You can do all the materialistic prep you want, Emotionally, it’ll come when he/she arrives. Its the best thing EVER!

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