Week 30.5


I forgot to update but here it is, my Week 30 bump! I seem to be carrying pretty low….guesses from most people are that we have a boy. We’ll see in about 10 weeks! (omg…only 10 weeks to go)

Actually, on that note, my doctor advised that because I’m insulin dependent, there will likely be additional stress/complications if I don’t deliver soon after week 37. So if that doesn’t happen naturally, they will look at inducing before week 40. I’m all for minimizing complications, but the thought of being induced makes me a little nervous too. On the other hand, then we’ll know exactly which day Baby will come. I have another ultrasound in a couple weeks which will provide more information about what’s going to happen. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, controlling sugars has become more routine. As the placenta grows, it produces more hormone that makes me more resistant to insulin, so my injection dosage is slowly creeping up. I’ve also discovered that going for Shanghai food is a bit torturous considering how nearly everything is carb based. But it’s SO GOOD. Last time, I ate one shiao long bau, 1/3 cup Shanghai noodles, half a bun of some sort and that exceeded my carb quota already. Veggies and meat are free for all’s but usually you have to eat the meat with rice or something because there’s so much sauce (which is heavy on the sugar too). And then there’s dishes made with glutinous rice. Oh man. Needless to say I was still hungry afterwards.

Just a couple more months.
(omg it could be as early as just 7 more weeks!)

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  1. I was actually going to email you today. I met with my nurse and I’m starting on insulin today (dinner time only for now). I can’t have more than half a cup of carb (brown rice) at dinner without my sugar levels spiking =( I agree about small-portioned Chinese food (or any Asian food for that matter) being torturously unsatisfying because of the high carb. Oh, how I envy those people slurping up big bowls of noodle soups at the food courts! It’s amazing how God created our bodies to work so well at breaking down large amounts of carbs/sugars when things are operating normally. I’m meeting my OB next week, but I’ve been forewarned that early inducement is a likelihood for me also…

  2. I know you were planning for a natural birth, getting induced may make that a bit tougher on you. I would suggest doing some research as well as to the pros/cons of being induced early vs. waiting. I’ve never had GD thats why I suggest research.

    On another note: you are looking wonderful! Nice round bump. I have to agree, I carried super low with Mr. X and super high with Miss. O. I’m gonna put in my bid for a boy! Either way, having kids is such an incredible blessing. You and Skywalker will make wonderful parents!

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