Gettin’ in the way

The Bump is sufficiently big enough to get in my way now:

  • Putting on pants or socks or shoes – I can’t just lift my leg up and put things on…I have to lift my knees out to the side else my foot can’t come close enough to my short arms for me to put pants/socks on. With shoes I have to squat/kneel down and put my shoe on beside me instead of in front of me. Because I also can’t see over my bump.
  • Bending over bathroom sinks – I have to stand farther away from the sink when I brush my teeth because the bump is awkwardly in the way when I bend forward. Makes my back quite tired.
  • Reaching for things on counters – Again…the bump probably shortens my reach by about eight inches. Sometimes I turn sideways so that my waist is against the counter instead of the bump but I still can’t bend as well as before. Good thing Skywalker has long arms. And there’s always step stools.
  • Squeezing out of my car in a tightly parked spot – It used to be that if my head could make it through the space, the rest of me would too. Well…no longer. I have to re-park the car if I find I can’t get out.
  • Squeezing past people or things – Yup, can’t do it. I just stand there and let people move around me first.
  • Closing the door in front of my face – I’ve accidentally hit the bump a couple times because I forgot it was there. Sorry Baby! I know to stand an arm’s length away from swinging doors now.

One response

  1. Ahh. The fun part of pregnancy! =) I remember being a few weeks away from being due with Olivia and I couldn’t get my boots on myself. I distinctly recall sitting on a stool while Chris & my mom put my boots on and tied them up. I just simply could NOT reach. Nor, could my legs get onto my lap enough for me to do it. It really was funny.

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