Week 31

Week31.jpgHere’s the Week 31 bump. =)

I’ve had to increase my insulin dosage…which is a good thing. It means the placenta is growing with Baby and producing more hormones that make me more resistant to my own insulin. I’ve also developed a kind of pregnancy eczema on the underside of my belly…super itchy at different times of the day. My doctor just recommended some mild hydro-cortisone cream twice a day to manage it.

And, that day has arrived, I found stretch marks on me belly. *sigh* I was secretly hoping I might be an exception but really, it’s a genetic thing. I can rub all the oils and creams on it I want but if my Mom had stretch marks, I’ll probably have similar. And so they didn’t disappoint…as much as I wouldn’t have minded if they didn’t show up.

The achy hips thing is also going on. The body is producing ligament relaxing hormones in preparation for the trauma of delivery, which is starting to loosen the ligaments in my pelvis (actually, all ligaments in the body). I notice the pain most when I need to turn in bed while sleeping. The torque on my hips makes them quite tender. This relaxing hormone is also the cause of our feet to get bigger too. Permanently I hear. Well, it’ll be a good excuse to get new shoes. =) With the loosened joints however, it’s super important pregnant ladies are extra careful when moving about. While we might be a little more flexible in some ways, we’re also more prone to injury. Particularly as we carry an extra ball of weight off the tummy, throwing off our center of gravity. So don’t rush and be sure of your steps Mommas!

One response

  1. Received a great tip for the eczema from my friend Ames. Instead of using the hydrocortisone cream which thins the skin (and in my mind makes my skin even more susceptible to stretch marks), apply a 1:1 ratio solution of diluted apple cider vinegar to relieve itching. I just tried this and it works. Though there might be a slight sting if you’ve been scratching lots.

    Only down side is smelling like cider vinegar. Skywalker will have to deal. =)

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