Week 33

Week33.jpgYup…gettin’ bigger and bigger. Hard to believe just a month until I’m term….ACK!!!! So far all’s been going well. I haven’t been swelling, for which I’m thankful for…and I haven’t had any weird midnight cravings, for which Skywalker is very thankful for. Lucky man.

I’ve decided my last day of work will be April 4. And it feels weird to decide that. I’ve been working for almost ten years straight. It’s kind of an identity shifter. And well…”Mom” will be part of that identity soon. It’s a totally brand new chapter ahead for sure.

We just remembered yesterday that we still haven’t decided on names….arghhh. And I should probably look up those “critical for your first month home with baby ” lists just to see what I need. Fun times ahead!!

2 responses

  1. If I may make a suggestion for your list of “criticals for 1st month”? Ask for ready-made-meals and a laundry basket of groceries that you can use throughout that month. Going out with a newborn is easy, but your typically very tired. Next to that, house help. Someone to come over and help with the house. Laundry, cleaning, giving you a break to sneak a cat nap when you can. Honestly, those are the two best gifts ever. At least they were for me!

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