Week 36 – Home stretch

Do you like how the bump is starting to hang below my pant line like a beer belly?

It’s April, which means, in all likelihood, this is THE month that Baby will arrive. I’m due on the 29th so there is a slight chance of Baby being late. But coupled with the issues insulin dependent moms might face, I don’t know how likely it’ll be they’ll let me carry past the due date. We’ll see though. My sugars have been doing very well and fetal monitoring has shown Baby to be quite active and healthy. Praise God! The doctors are now saying it doesn’t look like they’ll need to induce me, but still caution that in this last month, anything can change. So, we keep trying to be healthy and praying for this last leg of the pregnancy to go well. (Thank you for all the prayers Baby and I have already received!!)

The hospital bag is pretty much packed. We still don’t have a nursery…but a bassinet will be arriving on Sunday. I told Skywalker I’d totally be okay if our baby slept in a cardboard box the first month. If the Finnish babies do it, so can we! =D We’ve been passed several bags of baby stuff, for which we are immensely thankful (my goal was to buy as little as possible), so I think we’ve got the minimum requirements for the next little while.

While the external preparations are coming together, Skywalker and my internal preparation doesn’t feel as ready. I know I know, you can never be totally ready to be parents. A girl friend reminded me that parenthood isn’t something you can study, take the exam and then pass. It’s a day by day, year by year journey of figuring things out and learning and making mistakes and trying again. We have questions like, “How do we develop good character in a child…even starting as an infant?” or “How do we keep being the best spouse we can be instead of making it all about the baby?” or “What reward/consequence model should we use to best prepare them for real life?” Another friend said while those were great questions, “How will I make it through the night with my sanity?” is probably more realistic for the next couple months. Wise friend. =)

A step at a time, a step at a time.

4 responses

  1. Beer belly…ok that make me laugh. You guys will be excellent parents….I know God will give you wisdom and strength….and I am sure there will be a few insanity nights…..will keep praying for you guys.

  2. You are carrying quite low! I’m so jealous, you must be able to breathe. I’m carrying high this time around again and phew, I’m breathless.

    You look fantastic! Baby will be here before you know it. =)

  3. So glad to hear things are going well! My sugars and ultrasounds have been looking good too but my doctor is still strongly insisting I get induced around 39 weeks… I assume you’re being monitored very closely over these last few weeks to push to 41. Hope we can both go into labor before having to be induced— it would be most ideal if baby could come when both mom’s body and baby are ready for it!

    • Yes totally agree. Drs aren’t looking to induce right now but also probably won’t let me go to 40 wks. I would like at least another week off before baby comes though. Haha.

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