Week 38.4

Week 38 started like this:


And then on day four…the shiz got real:

13:00 : To try to “naturally” induce labour, account the gestational diabetes, my OB does a “stretch & strip”…it does nothing most of the time but doesn’t hurt to try.

23:00 : all the Braxton Hicks I usually get in the evenings have gotten more uncomfortable and omg, there’s bloody show. I was in early stages of labor.

23:30 : We go to bed, or rather, Skywalker does, because the contractions have started to actually hurt so I’m out of bed and pacing and timing the waves.

03:00 : Contractions are 5 min apart and lasts 1 min each…equivalent to 6-8 slow yoga style breaths. Skywalker wakes and notices I’m not in bed.

04:00 : Contractions are 4 min apart, we call the OB group who then confirms we could head to the hospital

04:30 : At the hospital waiting for assessment.

05:00 : Nurse assesses and says I’m only 1 cm dialated. I’m shocked after so long that there’s been so little progression and am worried I’ll get sent home. My water breaks. Now they can’t send me home.

05:30 : Formally admitted to hospital. Contractions stronger and closer together.

10:00 : Contractions are 2 min apart lasting 1 min each. Skywalker is getting a work out doing counter pressure on my hips. Assessed again and was only 3 cm dialated. I’m exhausted and shocked at lack of progression. It took 11 hrs from when contractions started getting painful to get to 3 cm. How long will it take to get to 10 cm? Will I even have energy to push after that? An epidural is suggested and I agree. I wanted to rest.

10:30 : Epidural connected and oxytocin drip in place

11:00 : World is a happier place

14:00 : Fully dialated!

14:30 : Pushing starts

16:30 : Assessed and discover baby hasn’t moved down one bit. Senior OB called in to assess. Said baby should fit and doesn’t seem obstructed so it’s concerning there’s been no movement down. Recommends forceps but chance will need emergency C-section

17:00 : Skywalker and I discuss that although things haven’t gone as we hoped, we ultimately want what’s best for baby & my health. The longer we wait could mean a higher chance of an emergency C-section…so we agree to the OB’s recommendations

17:30 : Prepped for the OR

One day old

April 18, 2014 Good Friday evening at 18:12 : Two contractions, forceps and an episiotomy later, a wide-eyed, crying baby girl was placed on my tummy. She is healthy and beautiful. =D Praise the Lord.


And now, she is already four weeks old. Time passes too quickly.

3 responses

  1. Congratulations! She is absolutely gorgeous! Mommyhood is so amazing some days. And very trying others.

    Its the best job you will ever have. =)

  2. Love you Anessa!!! Although I have travelled the world with you, I can’t wait to meet you in person.

    Reigh, I pray for you….and know God will grant you wisdom to be a fabulous mom….I am so beyond happy for you. PHILEO MUCH my jee mui!!!!!!!!!
    It has been a blessing to walk with you thus far!

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