I love…

6.5 Weeks

  • Gummy baby smiles
  • Floppy arms & legs of a full, satisfied and relaxed baby
  • Her clean baby scent
  • When she snuggles her head into my neck
  • When she sleeps on my chest
  • When she’s snuggly, awake (and quiet) on my chest
  • All the different sounds & gurgles when she “talks” to me
  • Watching her sleep
  • When I lift her lion king style, she really does look like a kitten
  • Her little fingers and toes
  • Her little fingers holding mine…yes I know it’s just reflexes right now
  • Her soft soft skin (minus the baby acne)
  • All the different facial expressions she doesn’t know she’s making
  • The happy expectant look she gives me when she knows she’s going to be fed
  • The tired old man look she gives when I’m burping her
  • Hearing a good belch after a feed

Love you NessNess! Muah.


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