You’re an Uncle!

Dear Nate,

Yes you’re an Uncle…to a niece and a nephew only (and exactly) two months apart no less. =) Wish you could meet NessNess. I think you’d enjoy playing with her and making her smile. I’m thinking about the different ways I can tell NessNess about you, her cow-fu (maternal uncle).  You could teach her computer stuff. Take her for Japanese cheesecake and egg tarts and boot jai goe.

I wonder what you’d be doing now…where would you be living? Out here in Vancouver? Hong Kong? Would you be dating? Married? But I try not to wonder too much. I will never forget the last morning I had with you the day our world shifted. Time heals, but only enough for us to move forward. And so we have….but ever carrying you in our thoughts and hearts. You pop up all the time as I think, “Oh Nate would’ve liked this” or “Wish he could be here too“.

NessNess.jpgSo moving forward, you now have two brother-in-laws, a niece and a nephew. =) Going through the hundreds of photos I’ve taken so far of your niece, there’s one from a month back of her after a bath that really reminds me of you as a baby. Something in her eyes or hair or something. But you are here.  A bit of you lives on in us…and will continue to do so. Looking forward to seeing you again!

Miss you lots.
Love always,



2 responses

  1. Oh goodness she looks like a little Skywalker there!

    I’m so sorry for your loss A. I am so glad you have a positive spirit about him being in heaven.

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