Roichen Bites the Dust

It was good for a while….Roichen ceramic pans. I bought two and reviewed them here and then later, here. But then the coating started to rub off. And then things just kept sticking, requiring more scrubbing, which took more ceramic coating off. Until it was just plain frustrating to use. Actually, my Dad threw one away when he visited recently. So…Roichen…isn’t so good afterall. Sorry guys.

Next pan I’m trying is one of those carbon/graphite coated ones. And so far, THAT has been amazing. I can get a good sear with meat. Eggs cook great. I don’t have to fuss over finding the perfect temperature. Will see how this goes!

5 responses

  1. I am also thinking to get a Roichen. is the coating that bad? bc your first review was in 2012

    and how do I know the pan im buying is non-Roichen? do you have any tip?

    • The pan was amazing for the first year and then everything started getting stuck to it when I cooked. The pan will have Riochen on the handle or underside of the pan if it is a Riochen.

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