A born and raised Calgarian, married and moved to Edmonton (you do it for love!) but hoping to move moving to now BOTH of us are enjoying life in Vancouver. This is a collection of rants/raves/musings and art….and it all related to My Story. A Life lived going after God’s heart. A Life lived trying to be true to my heart. A Life lived that looks to see the Art and design behind it.

Also recorded is my journey with Graves Disease. I was diagnosed right before Christmas in December 2011. Western medicine does not know of a cause or a cure for it and recommends only radioactive iodine or surgery to permanently deactivate the thyroid so that the unpredictable and more dangerous symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism can be eliminated. Without the thyroid, one then becomes permanently hypothyroid but those symptoms can be more easily managed through taking synthetic hormones the rest of your life. Asian medicine and naturopathic studies suspect it is related to internal imbalances and stress, respectively. As one rebalances the body through a change in lifestyle and diet, one can be “cured”. This latter route is the one I have chosen. But above any human treatment I might go through, I am chosing to believe God can and will heal. In His time and in His ways. So, we’ll see what this journey holds.

My Story. A Life of HeArt.

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